Whimsical Garden Ornament

Create a nature inspired ornament and hang it in your garden, bedroom or anywhere it will be appreciated!

Description of Activity: What you need (supplies can vary depending on what you have):

  • Some coloured yarn (if you don’t have yarn you can use twine and paint it beforehand, for colour can add a nice flare.
  • 1 long leader stick
  • Forest/Beach treasures 

Put on your forest/beach gear, go into nature and collect some treasures (you want to avoid picking anything that would be alive). Find some 4-6-inch pieces of driftwood that vary in size and have a cool shape (choose 1 longer stick to be the leader stick that the others will hang off). Maybe there is a cool shell, pinecone, piece of seaweed, dead fern…the list can go on. These could also be treasures found in your backyard of close to home if you don’t want to go too far ion an exploration.

Now it is time to assemble! This could be done at home or in the forest and/or on the beach, depending on the attention span. This part can be done as a 2nd activity, by first spending some time collecting treasures on one day and then assembling on another day. Take the yarn and wrap it around the sticks, changing colour whenever the inspiration comes. For the shells, we recommend using a nail and hammer to create a little hole through them to tie the string.

This is a great 2-part activity where you can be out in the forest and/or on the beach, seeking treasures to collect and then hone in on a project at a later time. Please see the photos for an example of a finished product, as this creation could take on so many shapes and forms!