Returning from Spring Break, the children’s excitement at being reunited was palpable! They were happy to connect with each other again, and we educators noticed that many children grew physically in the short two weeks we were apart! As a group, we were also amazed at how the forest transformed over our break – there were so many changes to notice, and getting to our classroom each day involved many stops to point out what was new. The children are identifying new plant names, and we are remembering that it is important to ask before touching a plant we aren’t familiar with. In addition to the incredible plant life explosion, we have been happy to see old friends like banana slugs and worms return to the forest, and to hear the chorus of frogs and birds. It’s been a great start to April!
01 - friends (2)

Friendships have been rekindled and forest friends reconnected!

01 - friends (1)

Finding similarities between one another is a common way for preschoolers to connect. Here Nova and Kaya are thrilled about their sunglasses and anchor-printed clothing.

01 - friends (4)

Breaking off in twos and threes happened a lot in the first days back

01 - friends (5)

Our forest friends really missed each other over the break – lending a hand to someone needing help is one way this affection is expressed

01 - friends (7)

Choosing to hold hands and including others also shows this affection – not to mention the smiles!


Over the break Finnigan had his fourth birthday. Here we are celebrating with our passage of time ceremony.

02 - noticing (3)

One of the plants that popped up over the break are these white flowers, which may, or may not, be poison hemlock. This is an example where children may be tempted to touch, or pick, the enticing plant, but need to show self-restraint and listening when an educator tells them to stop

02 - noticing (1)

Amelia is noticing that the devils club at the waterfall has changed. We will watch these leaves unfold and grow over time

02 - noticing (7)

Some of the “treasures” that came back with us after a day of school

02 - noticing (6)

Horsetails are another plant that has sprung up in abundance! They are really interesting prehistoric plants which is interesting in all its various stages of growth. Here Maeve is feeling how soft the newly opened horsetail feels

02 - noticing (2)

Heathers amazing magnifier saw lots of use in taking an up close look at many finds.

03 - back at it (4)

After all the reconnecting, it was great to see the children fall back into the rhythm of our school day, and into deep, complex, meaningful play with each other. This “mouse house” is returned to again and again and is a constant project for the children developing it.

03 - back at it (5)

Finding new ways to challenge their bodies, children make requests to explore different features we come across. If the request fits in our time allowance and is safe, we always say yes!

03 - back at it (1)

Carrying extra water to water-less classrooms allows friend to collaborate in making stews, soups and potions

03 - back at it (7)

These friends are busy at a dog hospital, mixing medicine for sick patients that come for help. Each child has a role in this complex socio-dramatic play