Taz Zandstorm

Early Years Program
Nature Educator

Pronouns: they/them

I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, spending most of my time in our massive backyard, climbing our giant tree that overlooks the entire city and making mud pies in a little circle of trees. Unable to let go of the freedom, adventure, and imagination that lies in nature into adulthood, I studied the Adventure Guiding Program with North Island College. Recently, I received a certificate in Risky Play Outdoors with the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada. Currently, I am a Zip Tour Guide for Mount Washington and a 2SLGBTQIA+ Youth Group Co-Facilitator for John Howard’s Foundry program.

My pronouns are “they/them”, my existence alone provides a space for kids to explore their gender or lack thereof, and challenges their ideas of the gender binary. My interests include forest therapy, qi gong, quantum and holistic healing, new ideas and systems for the liberation of all beings, and giving the next generation what they need to succeed to make this world a better place. I can think of no better way of supporting our kids to be the best version of themselves than by facilitating a relationship between them and nature and allowing them to play, create, and explore the uniqueness, gifts, passions, and skills of themselves and others.

I’ve enjoyed being a Nature Educator with Hand-In-Hand Nature Education since the 2020-21 school year and continue to develop real connections with our forest friends.