Sofi Czich

Sofi Czich

Comox Sitka Spruce SEEDS & CourTenay ROOTS
Early Years Program
Nature educator

Pronouns: she/her

I have a deep respect and fascination with natural areas and continue to develop my connection by noticing, appreciating, expressing gratitude and realizing as well as exploring my role as a steward of our land. I understand and see children spending time in nature as an integral role in our ecosystem. I am looking forward to being curious, learning, playing and connecting with children and the land. 

I was born and raised in Ontario and found the shores and waters of Georgian Bay to be my friend, teacher and caregiver. I later moved to Thunder Bay to study where I found another love, Lake Superior. I enjoyed my studies of Outdoor Recreation Parks and Tourism as well as my Bachelor of Education. This education allowed me to continue to expand my learning, connection and love for the outdoors. Upon graduation, I moved to the Island, obtained my BC teaching certificate and gratefully found Hand-In-Hand. 

I have been working with children in nature for years and enjoy facilitating experiences children have while spending time in nature. I have experience with taking children on multi-night canoe trips, working in outdoor settings with children who have autism, providing a safe place for girls who are at risk at outdoor summer camps and I also have experience working at other Forest Schools in Southern Ontario. I have also recently begun working at an Indigenous Plant Nursery and have become fully immersed in the multiple benefits of establishing and caring for Indigenous Plant gardens. 

It is with great excitement and gratitude that I am re-joining the talented Hand-In-Hand team. Upon my return, I feel just as a moss feels when rain returns after a drought, relieved and full of life! I am really looking forward to begin a journey with your children by observing their play and co-creating experiences based on their specific needs and interests.