Sit Spot

This is one of our most favourite and rewarding activities, which fosters deep nature appreciation and connection!

1. Allow your children to follow their body radar in order to find the perfect spot to sit quietly with nature for 510 minutes (for some children, this may be a challenge, so we encourage you to start with a short period time, say 1-2 minutes and you can always grown from there).

2. Let your kids know you will call them back when the time is up; perhaps with a wolf howl or sound of your choice!

3. Let your kids know this is a silent time between them and nature and that if they are truly silent and still something magical may happen to them such as a butterfly landing on their nose or a bird eating an insect off their leg (use this moment to share a sit spot story of your own (can be made up and elaborated to spark interest or can be a personal story of a time you were quiet in nature).

4. Encourage your children to think about what they see, smell, taste, hear and feel during their sit spot and have them share with you upon return.

Variation: To build towards a longer sit spot, practice moments of silence. Once in their spot, have kids remain in the spot until they have heard 10 different sounds. Once they have heard 10 sounds, they can return.