Seed Sorting

Sort seeds into piles based on type (textures, shapes, size, colours, etc.)

Materials needed: A variety of seeds – peas, beans, sunflower, squash, beet, peas, nasturtiums, calendula, corn, even tiny kale or spinach, a tray with a rim (or use seeds from your pantry – lentils, beans, chia, etc)

Simply make a pile of 10-20 of each seed in the middle of the tray. Using fingers or tweezers, sort the seeds into piles based on type. While sorting, talk about the different seeds – their textures, shapes, size, colours, etc. Have your child guess what kind of plant grows from each. Afterwards, it’s fun to talk about seeds we eat at different meals – pointing out the seeds in our food, and taking a look in the pantry too.