We have been up and running since May started – what a busy month!  A flurry of flowers has made us stoop low to smell, investigate and wonder about, while the fish, frogs, birds and beetles continue to fascinate! We have had class and individual photos taken by Kersten, we prepared special things for Mother’s Day, we had a forest work-party to repair one of the trails we often use, we received and wrote a reply to our forest pen pals, we celebrated Theo’s birthday, and saved some fish – whew! This second to last month is really picking up the pace – and we are keeping up!  We have spend the past two weeks kicking up dust all through the forest and cherishing the life we found beneath the tree tops. These children continue to amaze and impress us with their capabilities.


We made paper to gift to mothers on Mothers Day. Here Pi is sprinkling seeds so that the paper can be planted and grow into flowers.


After the paper was dry, we peeled it off of the cloths.


Then we traced and cut out hearts to glue into our dandelion cards. We hope all you mothers had a wonderful day!


Everyone pitched in to collect rocks to use in repairing the trail. It was a big job, but thanks to hard work and parent volunteers, we made a difference on the well-used trail!


For sure the best part comes last in trail maintenance – stomping the dirt down on top of the rocks!


Our friends at the Victoria Nature School sent a big letter to us! The children were able to look at their collaborative drawing while Heather read the written part aloud.


We wrote them a reply right away, and hope to get one more letter before the year is over.


The Passage of Time ceremony is always fun for the birthday child! Here Theo is having fun sharing his year-by-year photos with his friends.


This is a photo of the pond we first discovered just under two weeks ago. At that time, there was a small waterfall feeding the land-locked pond.


Not even two weeks later, you can see how drastically the water level has dropped. The class discussed what will happen to the fish if it doesn’t rain soon, and we wondered what we could do about it. Someone suggested moving the fish, which is what we made happen. We were able to alert the local stream keepers group, who rescued the fish this weekend! We are like real-life Diegos – animal rescuers that is!