Our Philosophy

Children and nature go Hand-In-Hand…naturally. When a tree drops its leaves on a crisp autumn day, a child reaches down their hand to touch it. When a raindrop falls from a wet winter sky, a child stretches out their hand to feel it. And when a butterfly flutters by on a warm spring day, a child chases it with their hand to hold it. Children and nature go Hand-In-Hand, and when a child explores, interacts and learns from nature they do so by reaching out their hand and touching it!

This is how young children learn best and our nature education program is designed to facilitate a child’s learning experience in the most natural way possible…through nature and play-based education…another relationship that goes Hand-In-Hand.

3 to 5 year old children are eager to explore, interact and learn from the world they experience everyday. The best way to facilitate that learning process, and to guarantee a nurturing and enriching educational experience, is to ensure that each child feels safe and comfortable within their learning environment. As educators, we carry out this high standard of education, allowing a child’s curiosity and inquisitiveness to lead them through a natural process that will provide them with a strong foundation for learning while having fun…once again, a relationship that goes Hand-In-Hand!

A strong foundation for education begins with connections…with each other and with our environment. Our program builds these connections – connections such as: children and nature, nature and play, learning and having fun. Your children will develop those connections by exploring Comox Valley and Campbell River’s beautiful nature parks with our experienced educators leading the way…Hand-In-Hand.

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