Megin Peake

Comox Sitka Spruce Early Years Program

Courtenay Forest Buds Program
co-manager/Nature Educator

I’ve had the gift of growing up along the banks of the Tsolumn River in Merville, the mountains of Nelson, the desert of Kuwait and the bustling city of Shanghai. My parents were are both nature lovers and wove that scenery in throughout my upbringing. I attended University in Halifax where I met the wild Atlantic landscapes that deepened my love for the Ocean. 

I am most often drawn to nature for the adventure, the curiosity, the grounding, the silence, the stillness and the gratitude, to name a few. These qualities fill my bucket up, which in turn make me excited to fill up the kiddo’s buckets with a similar way of being in nature. Each morning, Nature receives us, allowing us to be how we want… is it silly? Is it reflective? Is it energetic? Is it frustrated? Is it calm? Mother Nature has no expectations of how we show up other than to just be, and from there we’re supported in how we want to express and explore our human intricacies. 

Another joy of mine while working with kiddos is exploring their (our) growing emotional intelligence. Becoming familiar with feelings and emotions that arise throughout our time together and bringing curiosity to that. My mother was a mindfulness practitioner and counsellor, who gave me tremendous love and guidance growing up, which continues to grow and live on through me as a mentor. 

I’ll see you in the forest!

“Around me the trees stir in their leaves and call out, “Stay awhile.”’ – Mary Oliver