Megan Moon

Early Years PRogram
MANAGER/nature educator

I grew up in Toronto. I spent part of my summers at a lake near Coboconk and was a Girl Guide for years so I could go camping. All my wilderness escapes from the city were my favourite times as a child. My father was the one who first encouraged my love of the outdoors and made sure to get me out in it when he could. My mother insisted I hold worms and get to know all the creepy -crawly creatures and appreciate them. I came out west to work on farms. I’ve been living here for almost 20 years. I used to live in Birken, where I ran a 50 acre organic farm with my partner for 11 years . While farming I completed my ECE. I taught in N’ Quatqua at their Child and Family Development Centre in the preschool and afterschool programs.  I loved it there. We were always on the land, in the mountains, at the lake, with the salmon, in the forest, making drums,  gardening, and learning the Stl’atl’imx language with the elders. I later gave birth to my 2 beautiful sons who continue to get me out in the forest and beachcombing. My love for nature and being emersed in it has become something our whole family depends on. 

I have lived on Vancouver Island now for 7 years and was very fortunate to have found the Hand-in-Hand family. I began the Comox preschool in its first year of operation then went on to running the program for 4 years at Little Oysters Preschool in Fanny Bay. I missed the outdoor preschool and all its wonderfulness and am so happy to be back in Comox. I believe deeply that the more our children connect with nature and be out in it, the happier they will be. With that happiness they will be its defender and they will use their mighty voices to speak about its beauty and importance to all who will listen. I love farming, photography and making art. I am part mermaid. I love to play and be silly and am so very happy to be outside with your children as we all grow together, under all the many leaves in the forest.