Maths Study

Early Maths and Numeracy skills are fun to play and do!

Number Recognition:

Materials needed: Paper (either 10 pieces (one for each number) or large pieces for multiple numbers), marker, a variety of things collected from nature (or from around your house!)

Written numbers, as letters, are an abstract concept, and for young children to work on number recognition, they need concrete examples that can tie to the symbol we have assigned each quantity. By using representational activities, like writing each number and drawing the appropriate number of circles underneath, children begin to recognize what each symbol represents (5 = five for example). We started with the numbers 0-9 – like the alphabet all numbers needed to make any other number are included – but you can of course use whatever range you like! Asking questions like “how many more do you need?” introduces the concept of addition also!

Once the numbers become very recognizable by your child, you can start “writing” them with nature too! The possibilities are endless!