Katie Hargus

Early Years Program
Nature Educator

Pronouns: she/her

I was fortunate enough to have grown up among the coastal rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, in Washington. Throughout a childhood of hiking, outside play, and wilderness survival courses, I cultivated a deep passion for the earth and her creatures. Outings in the mountains and meadows nurtured my young mind to ask questions of the complex mysteries of the natural world, and to find empowerment and passion by getting dirty and intimate with the beautiful brimming life in every footstep and forest.

It was the joy and humility instilled during my early experiences that led me to begin mentoring younger students, volunteering with schools and local non-profits and eventually carrying me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Quest University in Squamish. In my self-designed major, I studied primarily ecology and sociology, with a focus on place-based education for children. I’m especially passionate about how, through play, exploration, curiosity, and plenty of dirt time, little ones are able to develop powerful relationships not only with the tender earth that nurtures and supports all they are, but also with themselves – as wild, aware, and playful beings!

When not teaching, I adore cooking and sharing scrumptious meals, writing and playing music, gardening, dancing, foraging, backpacking, trail running, sleeping outside, looking at the moon, and splashing around in the big ol’ ocean.