Forest Buds

5 – 9 Year Old Forest Friends (elementary school aged children)


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Join Hand-in-Hand Nature Educators, Hannah Henderson-Ante and Alanna Balicki (aka: RootZ) for nature connection, awareness, and lots of FUN! This program will combine the child-led explorations and unstructured play of typical Hand-In-Hand programs with activities based on nature connection. Participants can expect an imaginative learning journey informed by lessons from the natural environment, changing seasons and local flora and fauna. There will also be plenty of time to explore our “Outdoor Classrooms” and lots of opportunities to build caring relationships with the land and forest friends. Our forest friends will have a special focus on emotional and social awareness, resilience and independence, and growth in comfort with the natural world…and while we develop these skills at deep level, they will have plenty of opportunities for their gifts and passions to unfold with the support of our Nature Educators. Our intimate program size gifts our forest friends’ personalized interactions and lots of opportunities to explore their passions for the nature world. This season, older “Buddies” may also be called in as a budding mentor for the youngest forest friends, and given some coaching to share their passions and gifts as leaders.

Dates: April 5 – June 7 (Tuesdays)
: 1:30pm – 4pm
: Coal Creek Historic Park, Cumberland
: $250

Campbell River

To register for our 2021 Spring Session, please click the “REGISTER YOUR CHILD” button below.

Have you ever wondered where a worm goes in the rain or where a mouse hides from an eagle? Are you curious how a fish knows where to lay its eggs or how a woodpecker can stand on the side of a tree?  Would you like to know how many legs a centipede has or how fast a hummingbird can flap its wings? What is the hairy stuff that grows on the side of an old oak tree or what is the slimy goo that makes fallen logs so slippery? Do you stay awake at night thinking about which mushrooms are edible and which ones are not? Why can’t we eat all the berries we find and what happens to the berries that humans can’t eat?

If you are an inquisitive person with a love for nature, please join us as we explore these questions and more. Together, we can solve some of nature’s most fascinating mysteries. The Forest Buds Program in Campbell River offers the opportunity for our forest friends to adventure, get dirty, and play hard. It also offers the opportunity to sit, listen, and watch as natural wonders unfold in front of our very eyes. As we connect physically and emotionally with nature, our forest friends  build respectful, meaningful relationships with each other. They explore together, answer each other’s questions and strive to show each other how important it is to be kind, caring human beings and stewards of the land. 

Dates: March 28 June 15 (Mondays and/or Wednesdays)
Time: 1pm – 4pm
: Sportsplex, Beaver Lodge Lands and Ken Forde Boat Ramp Park, Campbell River
: Mondays ($250…closed Easter Monday and Victoria Day) & Wednesdays ($300)

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The Cumberland Forest is part of an interconnected system of forests, salmon-bearing creeks, wetlands and riparian areas adjacent to the Village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island in the traditional territory of the K’omoks Nation.