Evening Presentations

(Please arrive at the Evening Presentations 5 minutes before it begins.)



Friday, June 14th, 7:00pm – 8:00pm: Outdoor Amphitheatre
  • The Mini Safari Show: This is VI Creature Teachers most popular package for birthdays, schools and other venues. This educational presentation allows participants to get up close and personal with 6 animal guests while they learn about their rescue stories, biology and animal husbandry. In general you can expect to meet two snakes, two lizards and two other animals in this fun-filled experience suitable for all ages. All are welcome to attend! (VI Creature Teachers, Campbell River – Jennifer Lestage and Christopher Thomlinson)

Friday, June 14th, 8pm – 9pm (After Hours Discussion): S1-Picnic Shelter
  • Ecological Grief: Worrying about the planet can feel overwhelming. Yet the more we repress information — oceans full of whale-killing plastic, consumer products full of toxics, dying bees, extreme drought, etc. — the worse it feels. Ignoring or holding back these feelings leads to despair, burnout, blaming, alienation and a sense of powerlessness. How do we not get crushed by environmental collapse and devastation? We will practice, in community, how to lean into our grief and despair. By processing it, there is an opportunity to release it, so we might remain open and be of service to do wise work.

This is for you if:

    • You are experiencing more anguish, anger, exhaustion and sadness
    • You seek a deep sense of connection—with yourself, community, and the planet
    • You’re curious about tools to build resilience
    • You’re open to sitting with discomfort
    • You’re eager to make time for contemplation and reflection

Available space is for 30 forest friends and 1 educator (David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, Victoria – Lindsay Coulter). 

Saturday, June 15th, 6:30pm – 7:30pm: S1-Picnic Shelter
  • Sing-Sang-Song Campfire Sing-Along!: There’s nothing like getting together around a roaring fire and roaring ourselves; like a lion or a seal, to classic mountain sing along songs. The happy feeling we get when we know the song well and can jump in is almost as nice as the feeling of learning new songs! Join Luke the Kangaroo and friends as we all stir the air full of our voices, all ages and levels of musical ability, to thank the lovely day and to welcome the moon. Classic songs will be sung and new ones will be introduced. Musical instruments? Bring as many as you want! There will be some provided as well. Anybody at all can introduce and facilitate a song, all voices are welcome! May our circle remain unbroken!         

Saturday, June 16th, 8pm – 9pm (After Hours Discussion): S1-Picnic Shelter
  • Compassion Circle for Parents: Practice mindfulness and being friendly to yourself. Circle practice is an opportunity for self-care, tuning into gut feelings and see what’s stirring us up inside. How can we reconnect with ourselves and be more conscious? Lean into feelings and stay present with other parents just like you! Engage in deep listening and connect with yourself.

    The Benefits are:

    • Soul nourishing
    • Be in the present moment
    • Possible transformation and healing
    • Connect to your gut feelings

    (Note: No preparation is required; a quote will be shared to contemplate when we meet. Optional: Bring a small object that means something to you.) “The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed—to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is.” Parker Palmer. Available space is for 25 forest friends and 1 educator (David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, Victoria – Lindsay Coulter). 




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