In-House Subsidy Fund

Many Nature Preschools and Early Years Nature Education Programs operate their programs completely outside and do not have an indoor space. As a result, Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) cannot license these programs because VIHA only licenses indoor spaces and not the program itself. Because of this, many Nature Preschools and our Early Years Nature Education Program do not qualify for government subsidy programs that help assist low-income families to register their children. To get around this, we have created our own In-House Subsidy Fund that offers financial assistance to low-income families so that their children can be offered an opportunity that they might not otherwise experience. Currently, we are hoping to reach a goal by September 2019 so that we can help financially assist 3 families for next school year. Just knowing that potentially 3 children may be given an experience that they their families couldn’t otherwise afford makes us so incredibly thankful for any financial support!
To donate, you can either send an e-transfer to or make a cheque payable to Hand-In-Hand Education and mail to Hand-In-Hand Education, 3604 Lake Trail Road, Courtenay, BC V9N 9M9.
Just so you know, every single donated dollar goes directly to the Hand-In-Hand In-House Subsidy Fund. There are no administrative fees or other external uses for the funds. It all goes directly to help families in financial need!

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