Create Wild Art

When it comes to creating wild art, the only limit is your imagination. What will you use, and how? There's so much to choose from in the natural world...but make sure you're not making your art from another creature's home.

Creating Wild Art is a great way to make you think a little differently about nature. You could perhaps try and find things that vary in colour and texture so that you had even more choice and can pull together something really wild.

What you could use (there’s simply too much to list here, so this is just to get you started):

  • leaves
  • twigs
  • feathers
  • seeds
  • pine cones
  • seed pods
  • sheep’s wool that’s been caught on a fence post
  • grasses or flowers
  • pebbles
  • moss
  • mud
  • paper
  • glue
  • string or wool

How many dimensions?

You could make a flat piece of art or something like a sculpture. If you are making a sculpture, then are you designing it to be seen from all sides, or do you just want people to look at the front/sides/back of it?

Obviously you’re going to need lots more materials if you’re going to make something really big, so try and think about the size of your finished artwork too. 

The rules are there are no rules!

Yes, you did read that right: there are no rules (apart from not taking anything from nature that already makes a home for an animal). So you can use your imagination to create whatever you like from whatever you like, which is one reason why making wild art is so brilliant.