Consultation Services

We offer dynamic and engaging NATURE EDUCATION information sessions and presentations on the following subject areas (and more):

(We have extensive experience presenting to preschools, public schools (Pro-D Days), Parent Advisory Committees (PAC), universities, recreational centres, town/city councils and other interested organizations.)

  1.   How to Start/Implement a Nature Education Program in Your School/Centre/Facility
  2.   How to Integrate Nature Education into the Existing Curriculum
  3.   Requirements for a Successful Nature Education Program
  4.   History, Philosophy & Benefits
  5.   Risky Play
  6.   Site Assessment & Risk Management
  7.   Policies & Procedures (weather, wildlife, First Aid, etc.)
  8.   Program Supplies, Gear & Resources
  9.   Safety and Implementation of Building Fires & Using Tools (knives, bow saws, etc.)
  10. Processing & Reflection Circles
  11. Team Building Activities & Group Cooperative Games
  12. Nature-Based Activities Where Physical Distancing is Part of the Fun!
  13. Nature-Based Activities for Infants and Toddlers

Please note that any or the above listed workshops can be offered as an online presentation.


If you’re interested in welcoming us to present to you and/or your staff on any or all of the above subject areas (and/or more), please contact us at 250-650-0438 or jarrett@hand-in-handeducation so that we can discuss how we can design a presentation that meets your specific needs.

Thank you very much Jarrett. You truly are one of the best presenters I have seen and I have taken so much away from your workshops. I hope to see you presenting again in the future.

Dianna Mallory

Kindergarten Teacher, ECE, Sandowne Elementary

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