Consultation Services

We offer dynamic and engaging NATURE EDUCATION information sessions and presentations on the following subject areas (and more):

(We have extensive experience presenting to preschools, public schools (Pro-D Days), Parent Advisory Committees (PAC), universities, recreational centres, town/city councils and other interested organizations.)

  1. How to Start/Implement a Nature Education Program in Your School/Centre/Facility
  2. How to Integrate Nature Education into the Existing Curriculum
  3. Requirements for a Successful Nature Education Program
  4. History, Philosophy & Benefits
  5. Site Assessment & Risk Management
  6. Policies & Procedures (weather, wildlife, First Aid, etc.)
  7. Program Supplies, Gear & Resources
  8. Safety and Implementation of Building Fires & Using Tools (knives, bow saws, etc.)
  9. Processing & Reflection Circles
  10. Team Building Activities & Group Cooperative Game   


If you’re interested in welcoming us to present to you and/or your staff on any or all of the above subject areas (and/or more), please contact us at 250-650-0438 or jarrett@hand-in-handeducation so that we can discuss how we can design a presentation that meets your specific needs.

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