Butterfly Feeder

Why not attract some butterflies to your yard for observation? Definitely plant some non-invasive, native plants that butterflies love, like red-flowering currant, oceanspray, or anise hyssop. Also, create basking spots for butterflies by placing a few flat stones in sunny, sheltered locations. And of course, have fun making a butterfly feeder!

Materials needed: A plastic planter saucer, aluminum pie plate or plastic lid, hole punch, string/yarn, beads, butterfly food (fruit!)

Punch some holes in the rim of the saucer, and maybe one or two in the bottom of the tray to drain rainwater, then attach string/yarn. String the beads, then tie all the strands together at the top. Place sliced banana, oranges, any fruit really on the plate and hang in a sunny spot for the butterflies to drop by. (This craft is best used in late spring/early summer before wasps are a real presence as they are in late summer/early fall).