Animal Masks

What better way to get in touch with your inner animal, then to wear an animal mask and imitate the animal's behaviour?

Start by deciding what animal you want to be! Use a pen or pencil to draw the outline of your animal’s face on your paper, cardboard or paper plate, then use the scissors to cut out your face shape. Remember to include holes for your nose and eyes!

Does your animal have big ears, horns or a beak? Draw them on a separate piece of paper or cardboard and then tape or glue them onto your mask! For a fun nature element, think about what items from nature you could use to make these features (for example: leaves as ears, a pine-cone as a nose, grass as hair/fur, etc.!).

Add some color with markers or crayons, then use scissors (or a hole punch, if you have one) to make a hole on either side of your mask and attach a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon to the holes so you can secure the mask to your face. (A chain of rubber bands or hair ties works too!)

Now that you have your mask, go outside and practice acting like that animal: 1. How does that animal walk? 2. What does it sound like? 3. Where would it make its shelter?