Allisha Ochs

Early Years & Forest Buds Programs
Nature Educator

Hello Hand-In Hand families. There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my love of nature and dedication to the inhabitants of the natural world. I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend time guiding child-led, outdoor learning experiences.

My path to nature education has taken many turns. I grew up on a fourth generation family farm with five siblings. My childhood was deeply entrenched in the natural rhythms of agriculture and raising animals. I went on to a professional career in science support and emergency response at remote research stations in Antarctica. Between contracts, I explored the world.

My life changed direction when my son was born. I was called to Nature Education as a parent. I noticed that spending time outdoors with my infant son was key to regulating stress and finding joy for both of us. Since then, together we have spent every possible moment in the natural world, exploring, adventuring, creating, teaching and learning.

Professionally, I have volunteered and worked for nature daycares, preschools and outdoor classrooms, including the Cumberland Lake Wilderness Society. I have coached children’s yoga and downhill skiing. As an avid reader, I have learned from many generations of nature connection writers. My wilderness and nature skills have been influenced over the years through workshops and immersions at the Wilderness Awareness School, Wisdom of the Earth, and Fianna Wilderness School.

I look forward to sharing my outdoor learning experience with you.