Alanna Balicki (aka RootZ)

Early Years & Curious BEES ProgramS
Nature Educator

Pronouns: she/her

When you call me by my found name: “RootZ”, you honour me as Connector and Steward for the Earth. My gifts empower others to accept their responsibility as mentors and motivators for the rewilding of our collective whole.

I approach life as a wild child at heart, embracing my mantra of “getting nature on me everywhere” and exploring relationships with the natural world.  My curiosity for the small and mighty micro-visionaries, seen and unseen, call me to serve our Earth alliance.  I find abundant joy whenever I am identifying and photographing fungi, posing questions to young naturalists, and staging opportunities for experiential learning.  I aspire to always connect with my curious heart, and build accessible communities worthy of us all in.

Before getting outside, I pack the infinite lessons I’ve observed from my explorations across Canada, New Zealand, and the wild breath between.  My 20 years co-creating with beings of all ages and abilities influence my development of educational programs, social resources, community projects and retreats.

Fun fact!  When scouting ahead for the roots group in Filberg Park, I discovered the Amanita phalloides (death cap) mushroom!  Since then, I have worked with local mycologists to extract the specimens for UBC collection and research, confirming it to be the first phalloides found fruiting north of Victoria!  This rare experience deepens my enthusiasm for Nature’s connective relationship, advocating for awareness and safety over fear.