4th Annual Vancouver Island Nature Preschool Campference…for KIDS !


Complete the KIDS Campference Registration Form (below)

*Please note that you can save this form and return to finish it at a later time. To do so, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on, ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE LATER’.


Print, Complete, Scan and Upload the Release of Liability Form

A signed copy of the Release of Liability Form needs to be submitted along with your Registration Form to register your child in the KIDS Campference (please see the Release of Liability Form in the section: PARENT/GUARDIAN CONSENT towards the bottom of the KIDS Campference Registration Form). On the Form, in section 1., please leave a blank space in the line provided.

Release of Liability Form


Receive a Confirmation Email from jarrett@hand-in-handeducation.com

This email will include your child’s registered Playshops and/or your registered Teacher Training Playshop and more details about the KIDS Campference.
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